With Android and iOS devices growing 10x quicker than the PC boom during the 80’s, it is crucial now more than ever that measures are taken to efficiently control and administer these devices. Adding further perspective to this phenomenon, a recent study from mobile analytic company, Flurry also indicates that the mobile bring your own device invasion adoption is growing at a rate 3x faster than the recent social network adoption.

PC History Applied to ‘Bring Your Own Device Control’

Looking back, the PC industry was facing a similar issue in the late 90’s. One solution was centralized management of multiple devices using group policies. However, dealing with specific setups and tackling issues required a further step, remote administration.

Remote administration means many different things to many different people. As an employee, accessing a workstation remotely facilitates the idea of mobility, whereby company information can be accessed from anywhere.

From an IT administrator’s point of view, remote access opens back doors into systems that could possibly lead to the unauthorized use of a machine by malicious users. However, when managed with the right solution, the need to have IT personnel on location is eliminated resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

Addressing Bring Your Own Device Control with the Right Technology

The bring your own device (BYOD) program has seen a significant increase in mobile devices making their way into corporate environments. This means that organizations must now become more receptive to the adoption of these devices and the vital role BYOD plays in enabling employees to conduct work related activity on their personal devices.

Historically, remote administration is adopted first for corporate purposes. However, with the device invasion being reinforced by BYOD, end users also need a solution to easily administer their devices themselves.

2X MDM have addressed bring your own device control issues with a solution that allows both users and administrators to manage Android devices, over the air using a web browser.

Take control of your device from anywhere with 2X Mobile Device Management and easily control your devices camera, send and receive SMS’s, manage files, add contacts and so much more.

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