The advent of smartphones has revolutionized every business. Transport and courier services are no exception. Courier and delivery services are more concerned with the outdoors than the indoors, and operate on all scales from regional to national and global services. Gone are the days when the courier office had to guess the locations of employees and fleet. Today, companies use car tracking devices to know the whereabouts of employees and vehicles. Up against massive competition, businesses have to deliver exceptional service in terms of speed, tracking, security and swift delivery, making fleet management critical.

Challenges with Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Fleet management is a challenge for businesses, especially small ones, which find it difficult to meet growing demands with limited resources. Vehicle tracking solutions are expensive, and it is not easy to deploy, maintain and manage a car tracking device. Instead of cutting down business processes, ways can be found to optimize resources, and one way of doing this is to implement a mobile device management system. With the increased use of BYOD networks, businesses can benefit from the flexibility of smartphones for multiple purposes, such as tracking employee whereabouts. 2X MDM provides the right tracking system for fleet management companies.

How does 2X MDM help Businesses Monitor and Manage Fleets?

By taking advantage of the location-aware capabilities of smartphones, 2X MDM provides a comprehensive mobile management solution to greatly facilitate your daily operations, such as fleet tracking and management. Using 2X MDM, you can monitor the whereabouts of your employees. You can monitor the routes your employees are taking, suggest the best possible routes to reduce operational costs, and even provide route assistance when they get lost. As 2X MDM uses Bing Maps, you can identify the best route and send the details through a message; when the user opens the message, the App directs him to his destination. In this manner, resources are leveraged and employee stress is reduced, resulting in increased productivity.

Tracking your employee’s location using his smartphone enables you to provide better and more efficient customer service to clients: by pinpointing the exact location of your employee, you can provide a pretty accurate estimated time of arrival to your waiting customers. Without investing in a car tracking device, you can track employee travel expenses.

The best thing about 2X MDM location tracking is that it allows you to enforce group policies to track location history differently for each team. While specific teams can be earmarked for location tracking, irrelevant groups can be omitted. Moreover, you can specify the time when tracking should be active: you don’t have to track employee location outside office working hours. In addition to storing current location details, this tool keeps a log of all locations the phone has been to. As 2X MDM only stores location changes, excessive data storage is reduced.

2X MDM allows you to use the tracking feature optimally, to improve operational efficiency. It is easy to deploy and manage: using the step-by-step wizard, you can get it up and running within minutes. The user-friendly online dashboard enables you to effectively monitor and track devices on the go.

2X MDM leverages resources that are already available to improve productivity and revenues, and saves you the cost of expensive tracking solutions.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a 2X Mobile Device Management account today and track up to 5 devices for free!


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