Nowadays, a great deal of companies tend to hand out mobile devices to employees, rather than a heavier and bulkier laptop. After all, tablets and mobile phones can do almost everything (and in some cases more) that a laptop can. With this change in business communications, companies now need to better manage mobile phones.

Companies are finding it difficult to manage mobile phones and the way employees make use of them. For example, employees can surf the internet, send text messages and email, record videos, use apps and more, all on their mobile phone. The other side of the coin is, though, that employees can also use mobile phones to check their social media sites or play games. A study by Nielson estimated that mobile phone users spend from 9.3 to 14.7 hours playing games over every thirty days - during work hours!

Another problem is trying to control the data that is on each phone. Managing mobile phones also includes taking care of them even if they get lost or stolen. Most employee phones have sensitive corporate data on them, such as confidential client contact details, that you can't afford falling into the wrong hands.

So just how exactly can a company manage mobile phones? Mobile device management has made managing smartphones extremely easy. 2X MDM offers many features such as being able to remotely install or remove apps and allowing you to review what apps are installed.

2X MDM also allows you to remote lock and remote wipe any connected mobile device, meaning that the data on your mobile phones is safe and sound, even if you lose the device. You don't even need the device to be connected to the internet to take advantage of these security features.

With 2X MDM, it’s easy to completely manage mobile phones - sign up for your free account.

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