With the great hype surrounding the use of personal devices for work, 2013 was regarded as the year of BYOD (bring your own device). This concept has strongly moved into 2014 and it seems that it is here to stay. Today, many companies are making allowances for BYOD networks in their operational strategies. Businesses are capitalizing on this new trend, while employees are happy about using their personal devices for work purposes. According to Cisco, 90% of employees in the United States are using their smartphones at their workplace. As companies see increased productivity with BYOD, most firms may opt not to provide company-owned devices to their employees in future.

BYOD Data Security Challenges

While BYOD statistics seem to be encouraging for businesses, there is another set of statistics that needs attention. A mobile device can be lost, stolen or be subjected to unauthorized access, creating serious data security issues. According to a BBC report, 314 mobile phones are stolen every day in London alone. Lookout Mobile Security points out that 44% of phones are stolen because their owners leave them behind in a public place, 14% when left in a car, and only 11% while being carried by their owners. According to Plateau, 113 devices are stolen every minute in the United States, with a total value of $7 million daily. When a lost or stolen device contains critical corporate data, it poses a serious security concern.

Businesses should implement a strong mobile device management policy to ensure that critical corporate information is not compromised in any way. 2X MDM offers excellent mobile data security solutions to businesses of all sizes.

2X MDM Solutions for Data Security

2X MDM is an enterprise mobility management service from 2X Software that enables businesses to effectively secure, monitor, track and manage both company-owned and personal iOS and Android devices.

2X MDM allows you to enforce a strong password policy on all devices, with features such as minimum password length, device auto-lock after a time lapse, and maximum number of failed password attempts before the device is restored to factory settings. You don’t have to manually apply these data security policies to each device.

2X MDM allows you to effectively monitor apps installed on mobile devices. From a single dashboard, you can monitor apps installed on a device and easily remove apps that drain your company data plans or affect employee productivity.

When a device is lost or stolen, you can change the password remotely and lock the device from an online dashboard. When the device doesn’t have an Internet connection, it can be locked via SMS. If required, you can wipe off all the data remotely and restore factory settings on the device.

2X MDM is a single solution for all your mobile data security needs. So what are you waiting for? Stop ignoring the risks and sign up for a free 2X MDM account today!

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