A useful feature of 2X MDM is being able to find and track your connected mobile devices. The only downside to this, however, is that it can eat away at your mobile device battery life – the device needs to periodically wake itself up to get a location fix and then transmit that information to the 2X MDM Server. GPS tracking, too, is known to rapidly drain away at batteries.

With 2X MDM you have full control over these options for groups of devices. To manage Android devices, simply select the group you wish to manage on the 2X MDM dashboard¬†and click on the “Android Policy” Tab. Now check the “Override Global Policy” box and you can use the drop-down “User Options” menu to your requirements. You can turn off tracking completely, or select whether you want to use GPS Tracking, Network Tracking, or both.

If you use an iPhone, you can deactivate location services on your device itself. On iOS 5.1, go to Settings -> Location Services and turn them off. On iOS6, the same option can be found under Settings -> Privacy.

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