Most people recognize the importance of securing their desktop computer against viruses or spyware. Now that tablets can do almost everything a computer can, people now need to take care of Android tablet security as well. After all, not only is there the usual risk of malware infected apps, there is also the risk of losing the tablet when you’re out and about.

Hackers are taking advantage of this lack of security awareness and there are many people who have suffered from identity theft. Most people are signed in to their email accounts and their Facebook account, and some people even keep their sensitive corporate or personal data on their Android tablet, such as their credit card details, or customer contact information. Android tablet security therefore must not be overlooked.

One way to ensure Android tablet security is to use a mobile device management solution such as 2X MDM. With 2X MDM, you can see a list of every application installed on every connected device. If there is an app on the list you suspect may have malware, you can easily issue the remote command for it to be removed.

Also, let’s say the day comes when you do lose your tablet, or it gets stolen. Don’t think it can’t happen to you – 10,000 mobile devices go missing in the UK alone each month, and millions worldwide. 2X MDM allows you to ensure Android tablet security even if you no longer have the device. You can remotely lock the tablet to stop anyone using it, and see its location from the online dashboard so you can attempt to recover it. If you can’t, you can issue the command to remote wipe all data from it, ensuring that nothing sensitive gets exposed. It doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet as you can remote wipe the tablet with an SMS.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize we are entering the era of tablet computing. Make sure your Android tablet security is taken care of and sign up for a free 2X MDM account.

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