Many people feel that there is always room to improve and increase the efficiency of a company's operations. A lot of people are turning to employee tracking as one way to achieve this. Employee tracking with mobile device management gives you the ability to know where any employee is at any given time and see where they've been.

Let's take an example to see how useful this can be. Imagine you run a computer servicing company. You have several employees on the road who go out to different offices and homes in order to fix your customers' IT issues. A call comes in from a priority customer requesting immediate help because his entire computer network is down. With employee tracking, you simply look on the map to see which of your employees are closest and reroute them accordingly. By improving response time with employee tracking, your customers will be happier than ever.

Another great benefit of employee tracking is the ability to track the routes they are taking. By streamlining routes and by addressing issues where employees are spending too long at each call out, you can also ensure your employees are making the most of their workday.

With 2X MDM, employee mobile tracking is made easy via the online user interface. You can even click anywhere on the map to pinpoint a location and send it to your employees on the road via message. When they open the message, they see on their Google Maps App exactly where they need to go. The feedback we're receiving from 2X MDM users shows us that this feature has already proved to be extremely successful in improving customer response time!

Start enjoying the advantages of employee tracking by signing up for your free 2X MDM account today.

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