If you want to manage your Android devices with Parallels MDM, you must follow the enrolment process to download, install and automatically configure the Parallels MDM app according to the instructions below. Certain features require a Google account to be configured on the phone. It is highly recommended that you configure this prior to installing the Parallels  MDM App.

Note to users: It is highly recommended that the device's default browser is used to complete the Enrol process.

Enrol an Android Device with Parallels MDM

1. Point your Android device default browser to the Enrol portal URL: https://mdm.2x.com/Enroll

Note: If connecting to an On Premise Edition Parallels MDM server, 'mdm.2x.com' must be replaced with the server domain (https://<Server Domain>/enroll)

1 Enrol Manage Android

2. Enter the Parallels MDM account name supplied to you by your Parallels  MDM administrator and tap 'Enrol this Device'.

Alternatively, open the invitation email sent to you by your Parallels MDM administrator and tap 'Enrol this Device' directly from your Android device to skip steps 1 and 2.

 Installing Android App

3. Next, press the 'Install Android Client' button to open the Parallels MDM Google Play store page.

Play Store Install

4. Once you have navigated (if prompted, choose Google Play) to the Parallels  MDM application page, tap 'INSTALL' to begin the installation.

The application is installed and automatically configure to connect to your Parallels MDM account. If the application is not automatically configured press back to download and open the config file from the Enrol portal or invitation email attachment.


5. When opened, the app will ask to become a device administrator (Required for Lock and Wipe from Parallels MDM Console, to set password rules and other necessary Parallels MDM functions). Tap 'Activate'.


6. Next, the Parallels MDM App will show you that it is “Waiting for registration approval” by the account administrator.

Note to user: You shall skip step 6 and the device automatically approved if enrolled from the 'Enrol this Device' link in the invitation email sent to you by your Parallels MDM administrator.

Note to Administrator: Click here to review how to approve devices which are waiting for registration approval.

7. Enable location tracking by going to your smartphones Settings > Location or Settings > Location Services on your Android Phone.  Settings > Location & Security are also used (depending on Android version and phone manufacturer) .

Enrol Manage Android

Congratulations! Your Android device can now be managed by Parallels MDM.

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