Manage your Windows 7 / 8 laptops using Parallels MDM by following the enrolment process to download, install and automatically configure the Parallels MDM client app according to the instructions below.

Enrolling a Windows Laptop with an Parallels MDM Account

1. Point your default browser to the Enrol portal URL:

Note: If connecting to an On Premise Edition Parallels MDM server, '' must be replaced with the server domain (https://<Server Domain>/enroll)


2. Enter the Parallels MDM account name supplied to you by your Parallels MDM administrator and click 'Enrol this Device'.

Alternatively, open the invitation email sent to you by your Parallels MDM administrator and click 'Enrol this Device' directly from your Windows Laptop to skip steps 1 and 2.

Download Windows Client3. Next, click the 'Download Windows Client' button to download the Parallels MDM Client app.

4. Click to run the downloaded setup file to begin the installation.  Click ‘Next’ at the Welcome screen that appears to proceed to the next setup screen.


5. Select the installation folder that you want to install the agent to and click on ‘Next’.Click ‘Install’ at the next screen to start the file installation on your machine.

Download configuration file6. Now that the installation has completed, go back to the Enrol portal and click the 'Download Configuration File' button to download the Parallels MDM account information. This file shall be added to your download's folder.

7. Upon completion, click to open this file. This action automatically configures the app to connect with the Parallels MDM account.


8. Next, the Parallels MDM Agent will start up on your machine and will try to register to your Parallels MDM account, pending approval by the account administrator.

Note to User: You shall skip step 8 and the device automatically approved if enrolled from the 'Enrol this Device' link in the invitation email sent to you by your Parallels MDM administrator.

Note to Administrator: Click here to review how to approve devices which are waiting for registration approval.


9 . Your Windows laptop is now being managed by Parallels MDM! (Note that this may take a minute)

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