As a reminder, to receive our Version 8 release and prepare your software for future version releases, purchase 2X Upgrade Insurance today! Maintaining valid Upgrade Insurance for your 2X products offers you a number of advantages:

• Ensures that you always have the latest version of your 2X product, with our most recent feature additions 2X ApplicationServer/VirtualDesktopServer Version 8 Features, 2X ThinClientServer 6.2 Features)

• Provides cost savings, by allowing you to receive several new versions per year at no additional cost

• Allows you to stay on the technological leading edge of today’s rapidly-changing virtual computing market

Customers without valid Upgrade Insurance as of April 1st will no longer be able to add insurance, but will be required to purchase a new full version of their 2X product, and/or add product license capacity. This is your LAST chance before April 1st to upgrade to our latest version without a full product charge; add or renew your Upgrade Insurance now before it’s too late!

To request a quote or place an order, please contact your original reseller, email or visit our Contact page for local contact information.

Don’t be left behind; add or renew your 2X Upgrade Insurance today!

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