Parallels Remote Application Server allows Parallels administrators of to get notified when an important event is executed.

Notifications can be can be generated for any of the below events:

  1. License limit is exceeded automated email.
  2. CPU utilization on Remote Desktop Server is higher than configured threshold.
  3. Memory Utilization is higher than the configured threshold.
  4. Number of sessions is higher than configured threshold
  5. Disconnection and/or re-connections of the Parallels Terminal Server Agent

Additionally, configure which administrators will receive notifications as follows:

get notified
1. Go to the Administration pane
2. Click Administration tab
3. Double click an Administrator
4. From ‘Administrator Properties’, set the ‘Receive system notifications via:’ drop-down to ‘Email.
5. Click ‘OK’
6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 for each administrator

get notified

Next, enable automatic notifications, from the Administration pane> Mailbox Setup tab.

The configuration is dependent on the SMTP Server that emails are sent through.

Usually most SMTP servers require the following:

  1. FROM: Email Address
  2. SMTP Server
  3. Credentials to authenticate with the SMTP server

Once configured, click “Send Test Email” to test the configuration.

get notified

Subsequently, to enable automatic notifications, go to the Administration pane > Notification tab and choose to enable the desired notifications.

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