HTML5 browser: Remotely Access Virtual App With Parallels RAS

HTML5 RDP ClientHTML5 Browser- In today’s Everything-as-a-Service model, virtualization and remote networks have a more significant role to play. Virtualization has become successful because it optimizes resources while increasing productivity and revenues. Virtualization augmented with remote desktop services enables businesses to deliver virtual applications and data onto remote devices seamlessly. Today, every business is in a transition phase where data, applications, hardware, and software are moving into a virtual environment.

HTML5 browser: Challenges with Remote Desktops and Virtual Apps

Remote or virtual applications can be controlled using Windows Terminal Server, which has been renamed Remote Desktop Services (RDS). You can also use hypervisors such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix Hypervisor, and even hyper-converged solutions such as Nutanix and Scale Computing HC3. However, you need to install client software on each client device. The downside is that you have no access when you are away from the office, or through a new system. One solution to this issue is to use clientless SSL VPN connections, but these are complex to manage and require additional plug-ins.

Parallels Remote Application Server offers an easy and secure way to access remote desktops and virtual apps through clientless HTML5 access.

How does Parallels RAS HTML5 access work?

Parallels Remote Application Server is a powerful VDI solution that enables you to deliver and manage applications, data, and desktops remotely. The built-in HTML5 browser capability makes it more robust and flexible. Using an HTML5 browser, you can access your published resources from anywhere, anytime. No additional plug-ins like Flash or Silverlight are required, and the client device requires zero setups.

Moreover, HTML5 browser access provides cross-functionality and cross-browser capability so that you can access remote apps using iOS, Android, Windows, ChromeOS, or macOS devices- along with any HTML5 capable device. You can work with all hypervisors and major browsers. HTTPS gateway and SSL authentication, along with a high level of encryption and compression, provide secure and reliable remote connections. The highly intuitive HTML5 browser interface makes it easy for you to monitor and manage remote desktops and virtual apps. With unlimited connections, full-screen experience, and auto-configuration of the client, Parallels RAS offers a comprehensive solution to the RDS and VDI needs of businesses of all sizes.


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