You may have heard the news last month regarding an iPhone security exploit on the new iOS 6.1. The iPhone security glitch made it possible to bypass the iPhone’s passcode security and access to your locked iPhone’s contacts, voicemails, photos and more. Apple have said they are aware of the issue and are working to fix it in an upcoming update.

The fact of the matter is that, iPhone security flaw or not, a passcode isn’t always enough to protect the data on devices. Many people don’t even use the passcode option and their phones can be unlocked with a simple swipe. None of us want to have our personal photos, videos, emails and contacts exposed. Many iPhones are being used in business every day, so we can add sensitive corporate data to the equation.

With iPhone security glitches like the one on iOS 6.1, when an iPhone is lost or stolen the risk of having your data exposed is increased. Fortunately there are ways to protect data even after a phone is stolen. Many individuals and businesses are turning to Mobile Device Management for their mobile security.

2X MDM offers many features for iPhone security. For example, if your employees are using iPhones, you can use the same security policy across all devices – no more iPhones without passcodes, for example, or you can set the maximum number of failed password attempts before the iPhone automatically wipes it’s data.

You can see the location of your devices (which can assist in recovering a lost one), but as a last resort, you can remotely wipe all data from the iPhone even if it isn’t connected to the internet so you don’t need to worry about that data being seen by the wrong people. Make sure your iPhone security is up to scratch – sign up for your free account today where you can manage up to 5 devices.

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