We have just released a new version of 2X MDM that includes support for Windows laptops running Windows 7 and 8 which allows IT administrators to seamlessly manage their Windows, Android and iOS devices under one hood. IT administrators can now expand their use of mobile device management by using the Beta 2X MDM Windows OS agent to remotely lock and unlock, change the user's login password, configure Wi-Fi networks, view installed programs and remotely wipe the user library on Windows laptops.

We have also added more features and improvements to this new 2X MDM version including the ability to unlock your mobile devices, which is very useful if you cannot remember or have lost your password. Administrators can now remotely lock an Android device without needing to change the users password and you can see if blacklisted or whitelisted applications are installed on devices.

The Android and iOS agents have been updated so you can immediately use the new features available with this release. We have updated the 2X MDM user manual to include these changes and help you make the most of 2X MDM.

New Features, Fixes and Improvements

2X MDM Windows Agent

  • Remotely lock and unlock.
  • Remotely wipe all files in the library folder used by the user.
  • Force a new login password (new password will be configured for all users)
  • Review installed programs.
  • Ability to configure Wi-Fi Networks

New Server Features and Improvements

  • All configured Wi-Fi networks are automatically shown for Android Devices.
  • Administrators can now unlock devices.
  • Remotely lock an Android device without needing to add a new password.
  • Added support for Windows OS devices.


  • See if a blacklisted or whitelisted application is installed on a device.
  • Reorganised the Info tab to provide administrators with the most relevant information.
  • Assign a telephone number to a device using a user account.
  • SMS failed alert are now shown in the Alerts node.

New Android Agent Improvements

  • Automatically update the 2X MDM server when Wi-Fi settings on an Android device change.
  • Settings are cleared when application is uninstalled

Windows RT and Windows Mobile in Development

The 2X MDM development team is working on adding Windows RT and Windows Mobile devices to 2X MDM. Support for these Windows devices will be available later on this year.

Download the 2X MDM Windows OS Agent

Download the new Beta 2X MDM Windows agent here and take advantage of the new update of 2X MDM:

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