Nowadays, smartphones are like computers, therefore their use in business is on the rise. Osterman Research shows that 28% of employees in the US in 2011 use company mobile devices and that will rise to 33% in 2012, while Forrester reports 49% of small business owners use smartphones.

Making sure everyone has email is relatively easy, but in business people need access to all kinds of applications, like planners, calendars, document editors, presentation software and so on. Many businesses also have custom built apps, and getting all of these to run on many platforms isn't easy.

According to a recent Forrester IT security survey, smartphones are the number one security concern in IT, ahead of Web 2.0 applications, cloud computing, and virtualisation. Managing smartphones - in some cases, hundreds of them - has become a nightmare.

Mobile security is but one worry. Many companies are concerned with the sheer amount of time that gets spent each year on smartphone management. According to a survey conducted by UK Internet Service Provider, Timico, 42.5% of companies in the UK spend up to 5 hours each day manually managing mobile devices. 14% of these companies spend one working day per week managing their devices. Gartner stated that companies spend, on average, $2,500.00 per year, manually managing a single device.

Thankfully, 2X MDM is making  it much easier to manage smartphones. For example, administrators have full control over every connected smartphone. All mobile devices can be located in real time, monitored, tracked, secured and managed from an online interface. That means policies can be set in one place and then enforced remotely. Apps can be deployed to groups of devices in one go, without needing to collect each device and spending hour upon hour updating and checking each one or troubleshooting with employees. Administrators can see which apps are installed, and their versions, and update or remove them. Security is controlled as users can remotely lock a smartphone by changing it's unlock password, or remotely wipe it's data altogether.

Don't let managing smartphones become a nightmare. Sign up for your free 2X MDM account today to see how easy it can be to manage all your company's mobile devices.

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