Mobile device management
(or 2X MDM for short) allows you to look after one or more of your smartphones and tablets. You can find and track mobile devices, remotely manage apps and make sure all your mobile devices remain secure. It's the find and track feature that got me interested in mobile device management for the home. I first tested 2X MDM on both my HTC Wildfire, my personal Android smartphone, and my HTC Desire Z, which is my company Android smartphone.

My two daughters had been asking me to buy them Android smartphones for a while and I finally gave in, on the condition that they connect their devices to my 2X MDM account. They had no hesitation agreeing, though my wallet did.

Now, if my daughters are out later than they should be, I know where they are and it saves me and the wife worrying. In fact, just recently my oldest daughter and her friend got a little lost when they got off their bus at the wrong stop. She called me up and said, "Dad, we don't know where we are exactly - can you check?" Rather than start worrying that they were lost, like I might have previously, I quickly logged into my 2X MDM account and was able to answer her. They'd gotten off just one stop too soon, so I was able to send them directions on where they needed to be by simply clicking on the map within the 2X MDM dashboard. She received the location via a message that opened up in her Google Maps app. Problem solved.

Mobile Device Management in the home is also important because of security. Kids will be kids, and if the day rolls around when one of them loses their smartphone, I want to know that I can either recover it with the find and track feature, remotely lock it or remotely wipe all the data from it. They're always taking photos and videos and messaging their friends - information that we as a family don't really want strangers seeing!

If you have more than one mobile device in your home, children or not, being able to manage them all from one place can be a real time saver while providing you with the reassurance that they are secure and that even if you lose them, the information on them isn't going to be exposed. Sign up for your free 2X MDM account today so that you too can start managing your family's mobile devices. Check out our getting started guide on getting started with mobile device management in the home.

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