Anyone who is administering his Android mobile device will have realized that at times the device is unable to resolve its own phone number. You can, however, specify the phone number for a device manually to correct  this

Modifying the Phone Number for a Mobile Device

  • After logging into your 2X MDM Management Console, navigate to the "Devices" node in the sidebar.
  • Once you have located the device which you wish to update from your device list, select the device and click  the "Info"  tab.assigning
  •  Check that the "Country Code" field contains the correct country telephone prefix and then type the telephone number for your device to the  "Phone Number" field and press "Save".saved number
  • After that you should be able to see the country code and your number saved and displayed in the 2X MDM status as above next to the User Name column. You have now finished setting you Phone Number manually!

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