Mobile devices are proliferating at a very high rate in organisations. With the growing number of device models and operating system versions, IT administrators have to face the challenge of managing an increasingly diverse mobile device fleet.

Workforce mobility is today's trend, and comes with an improvement in productivity at all levels. On the other hand, a significant threat to company data security might be introduced by allowing access to corporate applications from numerous mobile devices. 2X Mobile Device Management (2X MDM) allows companies to address challenges associated with the mobile fleet by providing a simple and efficient way to manage all devices from the central admin console. The 2X solution enables businesses to enroll devices into the company environment quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure the devices. 2X MDM also gives the possibility of managing all mobile device content remotely.

Overview of 2X MDM features and benefits:

  • Manage Email, Exchange and Wi-Fi configuration
  • Monitor calls and data usage
  • Deploy and manage applications
  • Find, track and locate devices
  • Create and distribute group policies
  • Use Office Hours options to respect employees’ privacy outside working hours
  • Control Android devices remotely from any network
  • Control the Camera, SMS, DCIM folder and device keyboard remotely
  • Whitelist or Blacklist apps
  • Enforce strong password policies and lock devices
  • Wipe devices
  • Easy to configure, install and maintain

Mobile Device Fleet With 2X MDM

The solution is designed to make the day-to-day job of IT administrators much easier. Typing on a small keyboard is quite annoying; by using 2X MDM you can configure the mobile device and send emails or SMSs using your full-size keyboard and mouse through the web browser portal. 2X MDM transforms your mobile fleet into a real support for your remote workforce, allowing users to access corporate data without security risks.


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