Lately, there has been a surge of mobile app malware. According to a recent study, the number of apps that contain malware rose by more than 400% during the first half of 2011, affecting almost a million people. Some users installing apps on Android are particularly at risk of downloading contaminated apps – malware was hidden into repackaged apps and utilities and uploaded to the Android Marketplace. Mobile device security, then, is crucial.

What does mobile app malware do? Some malicious code has been designed to send text messages from compromised mobile phones and eat away at data plans, while other attacks resulted in vital data such as the users’ location or number being sent to a server.

That’s just the beginning, though. Without mobile security in place, some mobile app malware hijacks USB synchronization with a computer and infects that too. By commandeering a handheld device, cyber criminals can bypass a firewall and make their way onto a company's email server, client database and other essential parts of the network. It’s easy to see how malware can easily become a big problem.

When you deploy mobile devices to your workforce, inevitably your employees will want to install apps. With 2X MDM, you can review each and every app installed on each device and further detect and prevent Android malware. Be aware of any suspicious looking apps in order to take action before they become a big issue. A secondary benefit is being able to eliminate the use of time wasting mobile apps such as games.

Sign up for your free 2X MDM account to keep an eye on what applications are being installed on your devices and to maintain mobile security.

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