We are pleased to announce the latest 2X MDM 4.1 build, which includes improved mission critical operations such as remote lock and wipe, a new “Update” button which updates a devices current location to the server and enables the 2X MDM client regardless of whether the application is closed or not, and additional instant commands including sending messages, managing applications and changing policies. Note that these changes are only available for Android devices.

With this latest build, 2X MDM has been better optimised so that updates occur instantly.


  • The latest 2X MDM Client (4.1.232 build) must be installed on your phone
  • 2X MDM must have internet connectivity
  • The network to which 2X MDM is connected to must allow traffic to the internet on ports 587, 5228, 5229, and 5230

2X MDM Android App Improvements and Fixes

  • Increased minimum “Client Updated Frequency” to 1 minute.
  • Added missing scroll bar in “Installed Apps” when showing the list of devices which have a particular application installed.
  • Added links for configuring iPhone devices when a new account is created and when a new 2X MDM local user invite is sent.
  • Increased "Remember Me" expiry to 30 days.
  • Fixed Map which was not resizing correctly in location history.
  • Fixed filtering or sorting by “Application Status” in “Installed Application” which was not showing any devices.
  • Fixed "permanently delete" on a device which was not always working.
  • Fixed incorrect results which were being produced when filter string contains colon “:”.
  • Fixed iPhone and Android groups in global settings which were expanding and collapsing on save settings.
  • Fixed server issues when a phone number in call history exceeded 30 characters in length.

Download the latest 2X MDM Android App for free from Google Play and show your support by rating and giving the app positive reviews.

Please post any questions and comments in our Forums and interact with the 2X MDM Team

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