The BYOD revolution has brought about a win-win situation for businesses and employees. While employees enjoy the flexibility of using any device from anywhere to access corporate resources, businesses can capitalize on the mobility factor and improved productivity. According to Security Intelligence Report, more than 60% of US companies have already embraced this innovative concept, only 11% of businesses having no plans to accommodate BYOD. Akuity Technologies predicts that the BYOD market shall reach $181.39 billion by the end of 2017. Looking at these numbers, it is certain that BYOD is here to stay.

Phone Lock: The Challenges of BYOD

While increased productivity and mobility are two important benefits of BYOD networks, these benefits come at a price. When a BYOD network is deployed, critical corporate data leave your office perimeter. If a device is lost or stolen, corporate data are at risk. According to Kensington Infographics, 4.3% of company-issued smartphones are stolen or lost every year, and 73% of companies feel that BYOD creates greater security risks.

Employees use a range of personal devices that work on different OSs and platforms. While there are different apps that offer remote phone lock and data wipe-out features, these generally manage Android and iOS devices separately. It is a challenge to manage and secure all devices within the network comprehensively. Although cross-device management can be tackled with virtualization technologies, corporate data security requires a robust mobile device management solution that provides a remote phone lock feature.

Phone Lock with 2X MDM Mobile Security

2X Software offers a powerful mobile device management tool in the form of 2X MDM to address issues arising from lost or stolen devices. This mobile device management tool comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use online dashboard; you can use this single dashboard to monitor and manage all remote mobile devices connected to your network. When a device is lost or stolen, you can immediately change its password and then lock it, to safeguard critical data until the device is retrieved. The phone lock feature is very simple to use. You can select the phone from a list of devices and press the lock button. The striking aspect of the 2X MDM phone lock feature is that you can lock it by sending an SMS when the device is not connected to the internet.

With the ability to enforce strong password policies, wipe off a device’s entire data content, and lock the device, 2X MDM offers a higher level of protection for your company assets.

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