With so many mobile phones being used in business, the need for app management is higher now than ever before. There are thousands upon thousands of apps with more becoming available on what seems like a daily basis. This raises the issue of app management in business.

It's easy to see why mobile apps are so popular - you can pretty much find an app to do anything. There are Calendars, Task Lists, Email Clients, Internet Browsers, Word Processors, Maps and even more apps that employees can use every day in order to be more efficiency or organized.

The reason app management is so important, however, is because there are many apps that could do the opposite and eat away at employee time. Social networking, instant messaging and smartphone games are addictive and can lead to a lot of employee time being wasted.

Many companies are turning to Mobile Device Management to deal with the issue because it is easy to use and administrators can take care of mobile devices remotely. With 2X MDM, for example, you can see every app that is installed on every connected Android device and then, if you find an app you don’t approve of, remove it remotely.

Alternatively, you may have an app you'd like your staff to benefit from. Mobile Device Management allows you to remotely deploy it to any number of devices simultaneously, rather than having to get each mobile device and do  it manually which could take countless hours, especially in a large business.

Take care of app management by signing up for your free 2X MDM account.

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