Most people have their personal and business information on their mobile phone or tablet. We keep a lot of information on our mobile devices from family, friends and business contacts, our messages, photos, videos and more. Some people even keep their credit card details on their device, and it’s likely that if you have a mobile device, it’s currently logged in to your Facebook or Twitter account. If any of these points apply to you and how you use your mobile device, the remote lock feature of 2X MDM is for you.

Let’s say you leave your mobile phone or tablet somewhere – perhaps at a friend’s house or when you’ve been out. It’d be very easy for someone to start using your email accounts, update Facebook pretending to be you, or even make purchases with your credit card. Being able to remote lock the device with mobile device management can protect you in this situation.

Remote lock basically means that from an online dashboard, you can change the password of your device and lock it. This is very handy to protect the device until you can go and retrieve it – something made much easier with 2X MDM’s find and track features. You can see the location of your device in real time on Google Maps, making it easy to recover. And don’t think it can’t happen to you – millions of mobile devices get lost or stolen every single month. If you have mobile devices deployed in your workforce, being able to remote lock them can make the difference between sensitive data being exposed or not.

Criminals are more interested in identity theft than the actual mobile device - the information that is stored on mobile devices is worth far more than the cost of a smartphone or tablet on the black market.

Sign up for a free 2X MDM account to be able to remote lock your connected mobile devices. Once you have signed up, click here to follow this step-by-step guide on how to set up your account.

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