A secure Android smartphone is possible if you take just a few simple precautions. We found some great tips on Which?, a UK consumer protection organization that tests thousands of products and services to help British consumers make informed decisions about their purchases. In addition to its comprehensive product reviews, Which? also provides its readers with money saving advice. The site recently posted a guide to help its readers secure Android and other smartphones.

According to Which?, Android phones are an easy target for hackers because their operating systems resemble those used on PCs. Another reason Android phones are so susceptible to hacking is that the Android apps market is built on an open model, one with few quality controls, which means it’s easy for malicious apps to make themselves at home on your device.

So what does Which? suggest if you want a secure Android smartphone?

  • Purchase your apps exclusively from dedicated app stores, and don’t ‘jailbreak’ or open your phone for non-regulated software.
  • Use official versions of any software you want to use on your Android smartphone. A large portion of the malware that infiltrates Android phones originates from pirated software – hackers find a popular app, add malicious code to it and send it off, for free, to end-users.
  • Always inspect which areas of your phone are being accessed by each app you download. Android smartphone apps will often display a permissions screen the first time they are opened on your phone. This permissions screen enables you to confirm which smartphone functions the app can access. Many apps need access to location, for example, but an app that doesn’t shouldn’t have access to this segment of your Android smartphone.
  • Update your Android smartphone OS as often as you can to ensure you’re keeping the device’s in-built security up to date. Even if your Android smartphone is brand new, make sure you discuss system updates with your operator.
  • Shut down your WiFi and Bluetooth functionalities when they’re not in use. This will close two potential avenues into your Android smartphone.

If you’re an SME, the best way to make sure you have secure Android smartphones is 2X MDM. 2X MDM makes sure you take your enterprise mobile safely and securely:

  • find and track smartphones and tablets
  • secure data on mobiles
  • manage and deploy apps
  • monitor usage
  • block rogue apps
  • enforce password policies
  • lock and wipe devices remotely
  • push a WiFi hotspot password to connected devices
  • optimized to reduce impact on battery life of connected devices.

Looking to secure Android smartphones and other mobile devices? 2X MDM enables you to remote lock your devices and, if necessary, remote wipe their data. You can change the password on any device and lock it from an online dashboard, so you can protect all of your data until the device is retrieved; even if the device isn’t connected to the Internet, you can lock it by sending an SMS to the device. If you can’t recover an employee’s device, use 2X MDM to restore the device to its factory settings – this wipes the device entirely of data, both data stored on the device itself and on any SD or SIM cards. Take the simplest of precautions and sign up today for your free account.

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