With all of the benefits it brings, it's no surprise that many of us are deploying mobile devices to our workforces, yet it is inevitable that those devices will contain our sensitive and confidential information.

2X MDM provides a host of mobile device security features such as being able to remotely lock and remotely wipe your Android smartphones and tablets. When sending messages and other information to your employees, however, you will want to ensure that the data is safe and that it doesn't get intercepted and exposed.

A secure mobile device with secure communications is so important because if your devices are not secure, hackers can not only read or change your data, but they can inject malicious code in order to steal or damage even more data such as your customers phone numbers or credit card details.

All communications between 2X MDM and your mobile devices are handled over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connections. SSL provides encrypted communication between your mobile device and the 2X MDM server. This is accomplished through the use of a "handshake" between the client and the server. The transmitted data is encrypted and the servers' identity is confirmed in order to determine if the data came from where it is said to have come from. The encryption "key" is virtually impossible to break, making the communications between the client and server as secure as possible.

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