The benefits and applications of mobile device tracking range from high availability type scenarios such as taxi services to the supervision of minors within scholastic environments.

With 2X Mobile Device Management (2X MDM), devices are tracked using location services already available in iOS and Android Operating System. Location services leverage GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks to estimate a device’s current location. The 2X MDM app relays these positions to MDM accounts.

Tracking Devices - How to Fine-Tune Tracking Settings

2X MDM issues an updated location based on two policy settings: the device update interval and distance travelled options. The device update interval defines how often a device sends its current position to the server, while the distance travelled option determines whether the location is recorded and shown on the map or not.

Lowering both of these values increases the frequency at which locations are updated on the map. Settings can be applied to groups of devices.

Tracking Devices - Use the Map to Locate and Assign Devices

Device locations are represented on the MDM dashboard using Bing Maps. All devices connected to an MDM account are shown on the map.

2X MDM account administrators can choose to send a location to online devices using Bing Maps. The location is then visible to a recipient on his device's native maps application.

Tracking Devices - Review Route Devices Have Taken

Checks may be performed to review the route devices have taken.  Recorded locations are listed in chronological order, viewed from the Location History tab.

Tracking Device

This screen shows the whereabouts of the device you have selected, the date and time a location was resolved, the Latitude and Longitude, along with the Address, Accuracy and provider (GPS or Network) used to obtain that position.

Selecting multiple locations simultaneously will plot the route the device had taken on the map, from start to finish. Furthermore, you can specify the time range during which devices are tracked with the new Office Hours feature, available for devices added to group policies. Any locations received outside the specified time range are disregarded.

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