User Cases for the 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome App

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In a post earlier this week, we talked about the 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome and its functionality. While the 2X RDP tool is packed with amazing features, it is also important to note the difference it makes to your business productivity levels. Let’s look into some of the real-time scenarios and explore the benefits of this impressive remote desktop tool.

Scenario 1 – Highly efficient help desk support

Help desk support comprises of a major portion of IT budgets. Consider an instance wherei you have created an application and the client has questions on the navigation part. For minor support, it is not feasible to setup onsite maintenance or use powerful remote desktop applications which can become expensive. At the same time, network configuration needs to be altered to facilitate access to devices. With the powerful 2X RDP tool, you can simply use your Chrome browser to access any device within the client’s network. Assign a pin number to the device and enter that pin number to access the device. The 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome operates on standard HTTP protocols and HTTP ports. When altering any network settings, you can access your client’s Windows desktop screen and offer support and maintenance in a quick timely fashion. While this is inexpensive at both ends, it also reduces network complexity and improves business productivity levels.

Scenario 2 – Mobility solutions

The increased use of smartphones has brought in great revolution to business processes. By using powerful mobile device management (MDM) solutions, businesses can effectively improve productivity levels. In addition, the increasing popularity of the BYOD concept can also be implemented. Consider an instance where your sales person is at a client’s location and is discussing a deal with the client. When it comes to finalizing the deal, your sales person might need the exact price the client is entitled for, after credits and discounts are applied. Instead of contacting the accounting department on phone, the sales person can login to their system through this remote desktop tool and access the required information from any device running Chrome. With this dynamic work environment, sales are closed more efficiently for an increased business performance.

Scenario 3 – Accessing heterogeneous networks

Virtualization and Cloud computing technologies allow businesses to use a single platform for multiple development projects. In large enterprises, you will find multiple networks running on Windows, Linux or Mac OS. The 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome augments cloud computing technologies by providing access to resources hosted on any OS. For instance, a development team is working on a .NET project in a Windows based environment. Team members of the development group can access other systems working on Linux or MAC OS. By using same resources for multiple tasks, businesses can leverage infrastructure costs and operational expenses.

Scenario 4 – Chromebook users

Chromebooks allow users to tap the full potential of social media networks. With ready to use apps, users can quickly share information and be in touch with everyone within their social circles. A Chromebook is not a conventional laptop. You cannot install conventional applications. If you want to access Microsoft Excel or Word, you can install them on a central server and use the 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome to access these programs. This way, you can save money on infrastructure related costs.

Scenario 5 – Using specific applications

At times, organizations need to purchase software that is required by a handful of employees. In a virtual desktop environment, it is a good idea to install these applications in a central location and access them via the 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome. Moreover, users get the flexibility to login from any system and securely access the software from a Chrome browser.

Scenario 6- Secure browsing

While remotely accessing resources on a corporate network is good, network security is an important concern for businesses. The 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome creates a direct connection to the system instead of using the public gateway. Unlimited remote connections can be securely created. Remote connections are created through web browsers and no network settings are altered.

2X Software takes pride in bringing out the first self contained RDP tool that is fully installable. With cross-platform support and unlimited connections, businesses can securely create remote connections. Download the free 2X RDP / Remote Desktop Client for Chrome today and start taking advantage of all the benefits!

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