Virtual Desktops and Mission Critical Applications are seamlessly delivered to employees and remote workers in multiple locations on a range of devices

Donauwörth, Germany, 13 Nov 2012 – 2X Software today announced that Ernst Granzow GmbH, the electrical wholesaler for professionals in Baden-Württemberg, has deployed 2X Remote Application Server to deliver virtual desktops and applications on a range of devices ensuring high service levels and availability.

Granzow moved from a competitor to 2X and now 240 employees in five locations are provided with individual desktops through 2X Remote Application Server, and most recently on workstations with the Rangee Thin Client OS installed and managed centrally via the Rangee Thin Client Server.   The Load Balancing component of 2X Remote Application Server automatically controls utilization based on CPU and memory resources.

In addition, 30 external employees now have remote access through 2X Remote Application Server to applications such as Outlook and an ERP solution from Oracle for use on their laptops and iPads of all models.  Here Granzow benefits from the free 2X Client available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Apple iOS and Android devices.

“The solution we originally employed was expensive in terms of both pricing structure and support and was simply unacceptable in comparison to 2X. With 2X Remote Application Server, we enjoyed easy deployment and low training costs and are now looked after really well,” said Marcus Wanner, System Administrator for Granzow,“The administration is so simple, for example, if an employee requires an additional application, a check is sufficient, and the request is done.”

Granzow’s philosophy is characterized by the values ​​of competence, retail loyalty, reliability and speed.  Highly accessible and efficient IT is crucial to their success and with 2X Remote Application Server these high service levels are ensured.

About Granzow

Ernst Granzow GmbH, supplies electrical engineering items to industry and communities, with over 20,000 stock items and more than 1.6 million items listed online Granzow is the leading electrical wholesalers for professionals. The company has offices in five locations and its proprietary fleet of 45 vehicles delivers daily throughout Baden-Württemberg.

About 2X Remote Application Server

2X Remote Application Server seamlessly delivers VDI, Remote Desktop Services (RDSH), published applications and remote PCs to any mobile or desktop device from a single platform.  Hypervisor Independent, 2X Remote Application Server supports Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, Parallels and VMware.

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