Mobile phones are here to stay and you need to know how to protect your privacy when using them. Many people have come to accept security on their computers as the norm yet still overlook mobile phone security. This is a mistake.

Hackers are taking advantage of this lack of security awareness and many people have become victim to identity theft. It can take countless hours to undo the harm that can be done to your reputation and finances, and sometimes a full recovery is impossible. Mobile phone security and a strong password is vitally important to protect sensitive data, especially if your company has handed out smartphones to your employees.

Identity theft from mobile phones usually occurs when someone downloads an application that contains malicious code (malware) that allows an attacker to secretly obtain your personal details and often your user names and passwords. Just recently, those installing apps on Android devices have had to be extra careful. The Wall Street Journal reported on 8 March 2011, "Google has said 58 malicious apps were uploaded to Android Market and then downloaded to around 260,000 devices before Google removed the affected apps last Tuesday evening. It isn't clear how many users activated the applications, a Google spokesman said."

You don't just have to worry about malware infected apps as your mobile device may get lost or stolen. It is crucial to have a strong password on your device in case of such an event. 2X MDM offers real time mobile tracking in order to find a lost mobile as well as to monitor the route it has taken. In Q4 of 2011, users will be able to remotely lock their device by changing the PIN.  Users will also be able to remotely wipe the data off their Android smartphones and tablets completely via the 2X MDM online dashboard. By doing this, users can rest assured that no identity theft can occur, or sensitive corporate data is exposed.

2X MDM allows for users to see a full list of all apps that are installed on connected devices and remove apps that could compromise security. With remote deployment of apps, you can also be confident that rogue apps aren't being downloaded that may contain malware.

A lot of users always decide to take something seriously when it's either too late, or nearly too late. Don't procrastinate when it comes mobile phone security! By taking care of your smartphones and tablets security, you will save a lot of pain and embarrassment. Start off by signing up for your free 2X MDM account and make sure your mobile device is a secure mobile device!

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