Wireless printer for iPadApple devices have always led the smart gadget race. The visually appealing design, innovative features and lock-in customer strategy keeps them ahead of competition. While iPhone enjoys a market share of more than 40% in the mobile segment, iPad is a popular iOS device with most web traffic in the tablet segment. From Benedict Evans’ blog post about iPads and tablet growth, it is interesting to note that iPad sales have declined slightly in 2014 as smartphones are making inroads into that segment. However, it is still the leading gadget with regard to web traffic. Obviously, iPads are especially significant in a BYOD environment.

The Challenges of Using iPads in Networks

While iPads are used in a BYOD environment to access corporate resources remotely or in-house, they lack certain features. To print documents, an iPad uses a program called Apple Airprint, which does not work very well with Windows programs. Redirection of printing tasks from the remote server is complex, and the results are often unsatisfactory. As there are different types of devices involved in a corporate network, integration becomes a concern. Application virtualization comes to your rescue, to make the iPad a complete workstation and allow effective use of a wireless printer.

Wireless Printing for iPad with 2X RAS

2X RAS (Remote Application Server) is a powerful virtualization platform to deliver virtual applications, VDI and remote desktops to any device. Using this tool, you can now turn an iPad into a fully operative workstation. MS Office and related files can be virtually delivered to any device including an iPad. Wireless printing for iPad is included as well: 2X RAS offers a printing redirection feature that allows use of the local printer while working on virtual desktops and apps. With this feature, which is also known as universal printing, you can use your local printer to print documents from an iPad.

It is not very easy to configure the wireless printer for iPad feature in Windows Server. There are several forums and blogs that try to help. With 2X RAS, the universal printing feature is auto-configured, so that there is no need to install printer drivers on the servers, and the local printer can be changed at any time without affecting the server settings. As files transferred over the network are smaller, performance is greatly improved. This feature can be extended to scanners as well.

With little configuration required and efficient performance, 2X RAS makes wireless printing from iPads a reality.



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