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Parallels Desktop 11
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“One of my favorite features on the iPhone and iPad is Siri —the virtual assistant that responds to voice commands. Siri still doesn’t run on Macintosh OS X, but there is a way to get a Siri-like experience courtesy of Parallels Desktop and Microsoft Windows 10.” 

Larry Magid, Forbes

“Parallels Desktop 11 makes the combined Windows and OS X experience even more seamless.”

John Martellaro, the Mac Observer

“Windows 10 never looked so good on a Mac.”

Lance Ulanoff, Mashable

“That's right --you could have a Windows-powered virtual assistant on your Mac long before Siri reaches the desktop. Parallels has already made it possible to run Windows apps directly on your Mac desktop for years with its "Coherence mode," but this latest update marks the first time it's brought over a Windows feature on its own.”

Devindra Hardawar, Engadget

“As far as updates go, it’s all-around better software: boots 50 percent faster, with a quarter better battery life, and speed bumps in moving files and tasks in Windows 10. But one of its coolest tricks—aside from smashing Windows and Mac into an almost seamless OS—is the inclusion of an always-on Cortana.”

Darren Orf, Gizmodo

“Of all the ways to run Windows on a Mac, Parallels Desktop is my favorite because it just works. It's fast, it's reliable, and there's no need to futz about with confusing setting or convoluted setup processes.”

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet

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“If you have a Mac, you need to have this software. Parallels is awesome. The ability to run multiple operating systems on my Mac makes my Mac the most powerful computer I’ve ever had.”


“I love the way it works. It did exactly what I wanted the first time out of the gate.”