Remote Administration

With Parallels Mobile Device Management you can configure settings remotely for individual devices or multiple devices simultaneously, including email settings and Wi-Fi network configuration and passwords. View installed apps, call logs and messages sent and received, the module name, operating system version, CPU and memory usage for each device.

Mass Manage Mobile Devices With Group Policies

With Parallels Mobile Device Management you can group your corporate devices according to specific departments or job functions so that you can differentiate the security and phone settings.

For instance, password policies, app deployments and tracking settings can differ depending on the department the device belongs to or according to the role of the person using the device.

With group policies, the devices will be extremely easy to manage from the administrator's point of view. Also, group policies can be overridden for particular phones if necessary.

Manage Wi-Fi Network Settings On Devices

When you decide to change the password for the office Wi-Fi network the hassle you go through until everyone has the new password is tremendous.

With Parallels Mobile Device Management you can easily mass deploy new Wi-Fi network passwords or change security settings for all your devices by simply "pushing out" the changes to all the phones within your network, so that users can connect seamlessly.

Accurate Mobile Device & SIM Card Inventory

Staying on top of your mobile devices is a full-time job in itself. You have to keep track not only of the physical state of devices, but memory usage and internal state as well.

With Parallels Mobile Device Management it's ever so easy to maintain and keep track of the state of your mobile devices, as Parallels Mobile Device Management lists all device details such as model name, operating system version, CPU and memory usage, and more.

Relevant SIM card details such as IMEI number, serial number and current operator are shown as well.

Remotely Configure Email Settings

50 devices = 50 different email accounts = 50 different people coming into your office asking you to configure their email profiles and settings.

Parallels Mobile Device Management allows you to configure email profiles for users automatically through email policies.

Simply configure the email settings and push out the information to the device. This feature is available for iOS and Android devices.