Help for the helpers: Parallels Desktop offers intuitive tool for tech support

The new world of work has been hailed as a long-awaited change for good, freeing up knowledge workers to work where, when, and how they want. Yet, the reliance on tools for tech support has never been greater, especially as we step out from behind local area networks and traditional office spaces to embrace flexibility and new work rules.  

Okay, so it’s not so rosy for everyone. IT workers, for example. Already reeling from navigating the pandemic-driven roller coaster of workplace model shifts, this new flexible work landscape means even more work.  Managing and securing assets and data for remote and hybrid workers is a significant burden.  The demand for efficient tools for tech support has skyrocketed. And right now, tech is one of the most stubbornly under-staffed arenas, with Gartner reporting that demand for tech talent still far exceeds supply.  

Alludo IT Help Desk Specialist Hillary Moralez has been in the very front car of that proverbial roller coaster, fielding HelpDesk requests from around the world instead of across the room. She ensures seamless operations across various locations and operating systems (OS). She’s constantly pivoting from Mac devices to Windows servers to Active Directory environments and live troubleshooting. It’s a lot, to put things mildly. 

So, why is Hillary still enjoying the ride?  

One device, infinite possibilities 

The answer is simple: Parallels Desktop, an innovative tool for tech support. This game-changing solution has transformed Hillary’s approach to IT support and beyond. 

“Working in a dual OS environment can be one of the most difficult parts of an IT HelpDesk Specialist’s job,” Hillary says. “That’s why, when I joined Alludo, I got to work making sure I had everything I needed in one device.”

Fortunately, she didn’t have to go far to find that solution. Parallels Desktop is part of the Alludo family of products, and it gives Hillary precisely what she needs to provide world-class support. 

Hillary is a Mac user, and Parallels allows her to consolidate her work within a single device. She can access remote Windows servers, manage the intricacies of Active Directory, and utilize OS-locked programs without switching devices. That reduces overhead since it eliminates the need for additional hardware purchases. “My company only needed to provide me with one computer, and yet this one computer is the equivalent of hundreds of other computers, just ready and waiting to be set up.” 

That’s not hyperbole. When Hillary needs to troubleshoot a machine, she can build a replica of that machine—a virtual machine (VM)—using Parallels Desktop on her Mac. Rather than try to guess what’s wrong over the phone, she can literally get into the machine and find the problem, even if the device and its user are thousands of miles away. 

Instant virtualization, effortless management 

Turning one machine into hundreds is a pretty cool trick, but Parallels Desktop has another advantage: it’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Hillary can set up or take down a VM with the click of a button. And troubleshooting is only the beginning. 

“Testing is a breeze,” she says. “I can build and maintain VMs to test for possible issues across my Mac, as well as Windows 10 and 11, plus Linux, and any others that may need to be checked.”

Testing is a breeze,” she says. “I can build and maintain VMs to test for possible issues across my Mac, as well as Windows 10 and 11, plus Linux, and any others that may need to be checked.”

Even without pre-existing VMs for specific OS tests, Hillary can swiftly create them within minutes to a few hours.  

Hillary often uses her computer as a test subject for our company to verify that new software or updates won’t cause unnecessary issues for our employees. That would be putting Hillary’s Mac at risk—if she weren’t using isolated, secure virtual environments to do the testing. With Parallels Desktop, Hillary can test away without recruiting test subjects or risking exposing her coworkers to downtime, security issues, or other complications. 

Parallels Desktop: not just for tech support 

Hillary is a pro, but Parallels Desktop is so easy to use that you don’t need her credentials to take advantage of all it offers. We’ve already shared a story about a nine-year-old who uses Parallels Desktop to let him challenge himself with advanced PC games! 

Parallels Desktop is a beloved tool for gamers of all ages, plus developers, designers, business analysts, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to explore and create without tech limitations. And, of course, it’s a game-changer for IT pros like Hillary, who have an increasingly complex workload and yet still only 24 hours in day. (Not all of which they’d like to spend working!) 

Consolidation, collaboration, confidence: it’s all built in. And it makes work far less cumbersome for Hillary. Let’s be clear; she still has a very challenging role—but between Hillary’s rock star capabilities and Parallels Desktop, she’s totally on top of it.