Join us at the Penn Mac Admins event: Empower your educational IT and DevOps teams

Are you ready to streamline your workflows and boost productivity?  

Look no further! Parallels® Desktop is thrilled to be part of the upcoming Penn MacAdmins event, the premier East Coast conference for anyone who deploys and manages devices in the Apple ecosystem.  

We’ll showcase our innovative solutions tailored specifically for IT administrators in educational settings and DevOps professionals. 

Why Parallels Desktop for IT admins and DevOps? 

As IT admins and DevOps professionals, you face the challenge of managing diverse computing environments and ensuring seamless operation across platforms.  

Parallels Desktop offers a comprehensive solution for integrating Windows applications into Mac environments, simplifying your tasks and enhancing your efficiency. 

What to expect at the Penn MacAdmins event 

Join us for an in-depth exploration of how Parallels Desktop can revolutionize your IT and DevOps management: 

Live demos 

Experience the power of Parallels Desktop firsthand with live demonstrations designed to showcase its robust features and seamless integration capabilities. 

Expert insights 

Gain valuable insights from our team of Parallels Desktop experts, who will share best practices, tips, and tricks for optimizing IT management in mixed-platform environments. 

Parallels Desktop workshop session 

Join us for the working session: “Virtual Machines: New in Deployment, Development, and Testing”. 

Led by Aleksandr Sursiakov, Senior Director of Product Management for Parallels Desktop, this workshop will delve into the latest advancements in using virtual machines (VMs) on Apple Silicon Mac computers for deployment, development, and testing. 

Key topics include the status and challenges of VM deployment, solutions for both Windows and macOS VMs, and practical insights for IT admins and DevOps professionals. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on optimizing VM use to enhance efficiency and streamline workflows. 

Why IT Admins and DevOps professionals should explore Parallels Desktop 

Event details 

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how Parallels Desktop can transform IT and DevOps management within your organization.  

Join us at the Penn Mac Admins event and learn how to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and enhance security with Parallels Desktop.  

Learn more about Parallels Desktop today.