Microsoft Azure RemoteAppWhat is Microsoft Azure RemoteApp? 

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp allows employees to work remotely, via any internet-based device, while business applications are run on a Windows server in the Azure cloud. 


End-of-Life announcement of Microsoft Azure RemoteApp 

In August 2016, Microsoft announced that they were ending Microsoft Azure RemoteApp. Microsoft also announced that Microsoft Azure RemoteApp would no longer be sold to new customers after October 2016, but they would continue to support their present customers until the end of August 2017. From then on, Microsoft Azure RemoteApp would no longer be available.

Does Microsoft have any plans in the pipeline for a new RemoteApp? 

Microsoft announced their partnership with Citrix and that they are working together to develop the next generation of the Azure RemoteApp service: the new Citrix XenApp Essentials Service (previously XenApp “express”). Citrix will improve upon Microsoft’s vision of Azure RemoteApp by using their XenApp technology to provide additional management, user experience, and security features.

Microsoft Azure RemoteAppWhat does this mean for Microsoft Azure RemoteApp customers? 

Most organizations would be required to move their apps to the cloud, as well as move their supporting infrastructure. While many suggest Citrix XenApp Essentials as a preferred replacement service, Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) can offer several advantages—and it is a better alternative already today. 

Citrix solutions are quite costly, and users moving to Citrix XenApp Essentials would have to deal with all these challenges as well.  

Parallels has already assisted many organizations in the migration from Citrix XenApp to Parallels RAS. Our solution is cost-effective and simple. Parallels RAS offers the same features as Citrix XenApp—and many more—while simplifying the migration process for IT managers. 

Three good reasons to choose Parallels RAS over Citrix XenApp Essential  


Parallels RAS is offered by subscription or in SPLA. The subscription list price per concurrent user per year is $99.99, or $8.33 per user per month. This makes Parallels RAS over 30% more cost-effective than Citrix XenApp Essentials (when no Citrix add-ons are considered).

Testing and Trial  

In general, Citrix does not provide free trials for any of the Essentials services. Customers have to buy the minimum quantity from Azure Marketplace (25 users), which comes to $456.25 (without including Azure compute costs). Citrix only allows trials of XenApp Essentials as an exception and on a limited basis. Citrix will evaluate each request and reach out to customers as the trial is available to them. 

With Parallels RAS, access to trials is granted instantly, providing any customer a free 30-day trial period for 50 concurrent users, with access to all features and functions. Trial experience from Azure Marketplace can be accessed from Azure marketplace.


Citrix provides different licenses for different functionalities. Citrix cloud-based deployment options are: Azure Marketplace XenApp Essentials; Azure Marketplace XenDesktop Essentials; traditional XenApp or XenDesktop deployed separately in the cloud; Citrix Cloud XenApp Service; and XenDesktop Service. 

With Parallels RAS, all features are provided with an all-in-one license. This eliminates the complexity of evaluating which license best suits your business needs and provides enterprise features to any company—no matter the size—out of the box.

Try Parallels RAS for FREE for 30 days.


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