Why Parallels RAS is a Great Choice for Micro ISV Businesses

Micro ISVMicro ISVs hold a significant share in the software market. A micro ISV can be defined as an independent software vendor with an office size of 1-10. In most cases, a Micro ISV office comprises a single person… who’s an all-out geek when it comes to what they do. (Just like us!) This single person creates the software, markets it, and provides necessary support as well. The company usually starts with one person’s revenue, and no capital funding is involved. The marketing model is sometimes “Shareware”, where the software is offered for free, and the payment is voluntary.

Micro ISV Challenges

The transition of the IT segment from a product-oriented system to a service-driven model applies to micro ISV businesses as well. However, these ISVs do not have the required investment and resources to provide extended product delivery to customers. While the application has to be always-on, it should be accessible from multiple devices, platforms, and operating systems. Creating a virtual infrastructure for remotely publishing applications requires expert knowledge and investment. Secondly, a micro ISV works with minimal staff (1-5). So, they don’t have the personnel to monitor the infrastructure and service offerings for different customers. In the SaaS model, billing procedures have to be closely monitored.

Micro ISV

How Does Parallels RAS Boost the Organic Growth of Micro ISVs?

Parallels RAS brings innovation to your product offerings. It enables you to publish applications from a centralized location remotely. While the applications are always available, they are accessible from any device, anytime and from anywhere. You can use the HTML5 browser to access the application without downloading any client software.

You don’t need expert knowledge or experienced personnel to perform this task. And you can easily monitor the entire infrastructure from a single location, which means you don’t need to hire extra staff for administrative tasks. Parallels RAS offers 14 types of reports which provide clear insights into the resource usage of each customer. So, billing is made easy.

In addition to financial, technological, and operational benefits, the Parallels RAS ISV partner program empowers you with high-level training and support. Backed by years of rich experience in this field, Parallels RAS puts best practices in place and provides a scale of economies to help you quickly climb up the micro ISV business ladder.

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