What is Microsoft Azure Cloud?

microsoft azure cloudMicrosoft Azure cloud is the flagship cloud computing platform by Microsoft. It offers a wide array of services to build and manage highly available enterprise solutions with all the performance and scale that the cloud has to offer. Azure is one of several products bundled under Microsoft cloud services, which span over a global network of data centers managed by Microsoft. Originating from a tech giant with remarkable legacy and reputation, its offerings are already in tune with the industry.

Types of Cloud Computing Offered by Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers four (4) types of cloud computing, namely:

If you are new to the Microsoft Azure cloud, some popular services are free to use for the first 12 months while another 40+ services are free to use forever. Programs that are free for the first year include Azure Database for MySQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Migrate, Load Balancer, Azure Files, Managed Disks, Encoding and Streaming Media Services, SQL Database, Virtual Machines for both Linux and Windows, and VPN Gateway. The always free services include Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Azure Cosmos DB, Azure DevOps, Azure Kubernetes Service, Database Migration Service, Machine Learning, and Security Center.

When you get a subscription to Microsoft Azure, you get access to all free and paid services. After 12 months, free popular services transition to on a pay-as-you-go basis, meaning you only pay for your actual usage. Substantial discounts are available if you opt for fixed-term contracts rather than pay-as-you-go pricing. You also get discounted rates when using Azure services for development and testing.

As a new subscriber, Microsoft will also give you $200 in credit that you can use to avail yourself of paid services. You need to use the free credit in the first 30 days, otherwise you will forfeit it.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Customer Support Options

Microsoft Azure offers 5 different customer support options:

The Different Services Offered

Microsoft Azure encompasses some 200 products and services classified into 18 categories, including the essential ones such as:

Other categories include:

Benefits of flying with Azure cloud

Among the many benefits of the Microsoft Azure cloud are:

Challenges with Azure

Like other cloud providers, transitioning to the Microsoft Azure cloud has its challenges, including:

While not void of challenges, the vast benefits can outweigh the risk of migration of on-premises VMs or physical machines to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

How Parallels® RAS empowers Azure Cloud Capability

Parallels® RAS has a robust integration with the Microsoft Azure cloud. By creating a Parallels RAS infrastructure on the Azure cloud, organizations can efficiently deliver virtual desktops and applications to any device in any location. With Azure integrated features like automated configuration wizards and pre-built virtual machine templates, organizations can configure and deploy Parallels RAS solutions into Azure in less than 30 minutes. It is so much less complicated for users to securely access virtualization apps and desktops using Parallels RAS while underlying user data safely resides in the Azure cloud. Moreover, Parallels RAS supports hybrid deployment between on-premises and Microsoft Azure-based resources. Parallels RAS’s cost-effective virtualization solution combined with Microsoft Azure’s pay-for-use model ensures rapid resource provisioning and lower total cost of ownership.

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