Parallels VIPP Summit Berlin 2023: an extraordinary, real-world example of Community Leadership 2.0

From May 8-10 in Berlin, following the E2E Virtualization Conference, an unprecedented Summit of the best and brightest minds gathered to share their expertise, perspectives, and ideas on the current and future state of the end-user computing industry, feedback and input on Parallels, from both a product and a company perspective, and sharing IT-related personal experiences and lessons from the past, and best practices for the future.

This exclusive, private event was Parallels VIPP Summit 2023, and in just three days, it truly moved the needle for Parallels, the Parallels VIPPs, the global IT community and the plethora of organizations (of all industries) that it supports, and the evolution of the IT industry.

The goodness of the community-driven Parallels VIPP Program

We believe the individual and collective contributions of seasoned EUC community leaders, advocates, and experts are the catalysts of technology and business evolution. Through their various contributions, community leaders and active members provide the global IT community with a multitude of opportunities to level-up their knowledge and skills. Many also provide opportunities for community members to build and enhance their careers, meet their personal goals, and contribute to the community in the ways they do best.

Some key contributions to the community include:

The Parallels VIPP Program is an exclusive worldwide community advocacy program, and its members are a hand-selected group of seasoned end-user computing (EUC) leaders, experts, and advocates. Program eligibility is based on an individual’s deep knowledge of and passion for Parallels products and the EUC industry, as well as their ongoing contributions to their peers, the worldwide community, and the EUC industry at large.

Through their influential advocacy of the technology solutions and services they believe in, they help companies around the world thrive. They deserve to be recognized for their contributions, and this is our main goal of the Program. More about the VIPP Program and how to apply for membership.

Now about VIPP Summit 2023…Parallels established the VIPP Program in 2016, and the VIPP Summit is our annual in-person multi-day mega-meeting.tailored to our VIPPs, to deliver the best, VIP-level experience possible for themas a main benefit of program membership.Here’s an overview of the event and why our members are passionate about the VIPP Program and Summit:

VIPP Summit: 3 days of work and play!

A combination of learning, discussions, and fun, VIPP Summit was a memorable experience of epic proportions. Here are some of the highlights:

Monday, May 8: Welcome Reception

Tuesday, May 9: Summit Meeting and Dinner

Wednesday, May 10: Activities Day

We are thrilled to continue supporting the many diverse activities, efforts, and careers of our invaluable VIPP members, enhancing our VIPP Program and its benefits, and hosting our incredibly constructive and always memorable in-person annual Parallels VIPP Summit. Many thanks to the VIPPs and Parallels staff who joined us for this extraordinary experience in Berlin. You all contributed to making this year’s VIPP Summit better than ever!

Laura Whalen

Director of Customer & Community Advocacy

Alludo | Parallels

Christian Aquilina

Sr. Director of Product Management

Alludo | Parallels