What Others Are Saying about Parallels Desktop, Part 2

Of all the online reviews for software products, a good number are in English—not a surprise given the fact that it’s the IT industry’s lingua franca. Still, reviews published in other languages might also be worth considering for a purchase decision.

Today, services like Google Translate can deliver adequate results. But who would take the time to look for product reviews and benchmark results in a foreign language and then try and make sense of them with the help of an automatic translator?

Well, we took the time. As already mentioned in part one of our little review series, we eagerly anticipate media response following a new release of Parallels Desktop™ for Mac. So it’s no wonder that we were very pleased with this review by the Italian site  macitynet. Here’s a short summary of its main points.

After outlining the minimal hardware requirements (Intel Core 2 dual processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 MB hard disk space and macOS Sierra 10.12 or later), the author goes over setting up the virtualization solution and the near imperceptible installation of Parallels Desktop 15. He praises the ability to test macOS Catalina prior to installation by virtualizing the Mac operating system. He also underlines the large number of drivers provided for a whole lineup of guest systems.

The review centers around the new features of Parallels Desktop 15, including its Sidecar feature and support for DirectX 11, which both reach their full potential under macOS Catalina.

The author’s enthusiasm shows when he talks about the new release’s performance: “We didn’t have the opportunity to try it out, but we are quite inclined to believe that on the new MacBook Pro and iMac, Parallels can offer even better performance and provide an ideal platform for complex apps and expensive games as well, which would take full advantage of the features of discrete video cards (absent on our Mac mini).” He goes on to say: “Users who for some reason or other need to use Windows or Linux applications will find an impressive ally in the Parallels solution that is in many ways better than Boot Camp, which may be free technology integrated in macOS but requires an (at least annoying) restart for each system to be used while Parallels is also able to activate several virtual machines at the same time.”

The standard version of Parallels Desktop was used for this review. If the author had chosen to take on Parallels Desktop Business Edition, he might have been even more impressed. Additional features include:

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