Software License Compliance With 2X RAS

Keeping track of company expenditure is key to ensuring business continuity. Underestimation of expenses leads to the incorrect evaluation of businesses’ expected net profit and results in unreliable budgets. This, coupled with expenses eating into budgets unnecessarily, can devastate an organization’s finances.

Unlicensed software continues to be a multibillion dollar revenue challenge for software companies. This challenge leads to increasingly complex software licensing agreements and high penalties for noncompliance.

Software License Compliance

Software license compliance audits are a standard trade practice in which software vendors investigate an organization’s actual software usage. If software usage exceeds licensing terms, the vendor seeks compensation for the exceeded amount.

Organizations that are unaware of software being used on their machines may have to deal with forced purchases or – in extreme cases – litigation by the software vendor. According to Rob Pink, National Service Network Leader, Contract Compliance Services, compliance programs rarely result in litigation or loss of a customer. However, license compliance audits are contributing to organizations’ costs and risk of exposure.


One of the most common ways in which businesses are wasting money is by renewing and also increasing numbers of software licenses for applications that are never used. Results of the latest Software Insider survey suggest that 57% of global enterprises own more software licenses than deployed. Considering that the average maintenance fees remain over 20% per annum, companies that own shelfware pay the equivalent of a new license per user every five years without any business return.

License Management and Compliance with 2X RAS

Managing an organization’s software usage can be a tricky endeavor for many reasons, primarily the increasing complexity of software licensing terms and poor software license management systems. That’s where 2X Remote Application Server comes in. 2X RAS is a powerful tool that delivers virtual applications and desktops to any device, mobile or desktop. This tool enables businesses to manage and monitor applications throughout the organization, from a central console.

With concurrent-usage-based software licensing models becoming more common, it is no surprise that 2X has added concurrent license checks to its Remote Application Server. This feature allows organizations to set an amount of concurrent licenses per published application; the administrator is alerted if this is exceeded, providing the organization with real statistics into the software needs of its user base.

Download a free 2X RAS trial and regain control of your organization’s software usage today!


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