Barcode Generator:
How to Make a Personalized Barcode

Most businesses recognize barcodes as the best gateway into the digital world. By using a barcode scanner, people will scan your barcode and interact with your website digitally, find videos, online coupons, and any other digital media right from their phones.

With barcodes, you can track stocks in the market while accessing the key product data without hassle. It is essential to learn how to generate your barcode for all your business products to help you view product details, pricing, check stock at hand, and complete sales using a single barcode scan. There is barcode generator software you can use for these purposes.

Why should I have a unique barcode?

Many people tend to confuse where and how to use a unique barcode. The truth is, a barcode should be distinct for each of the company's line of products, but not for an individual item. If not, the company will have a hard time when they want to distribute the product, inventory management, and sales tracking.

For example, when using barcodes to market a batch of 150 glass products, you will have a single barcode for all these products. There is no need to have 150 unique codes for each product.

Product divisions are essential when assigning barcodes. When it is too broad, you lose visibility of the individual product type. When it is too narrow, you waste barcodes and get unnecessary data segmentation that is very challenging to use for analytics.

This answers the question of why you need unique barcodes for your products. It allows you to track them individually and efficiently. You also save time for data entry since you have all the details you need in digital form for each product line in your company.

How to utilize barcodes for your business

As your business grows, the need to start using barcode inventory systems becomes necessary to handle your inventory efficiently. Implementing it is future-proof and prepares you effectively while offering several benefits in the meantime.

The barcode inventory is more accurate than trying to keep a manual list. It helps to avoid human error during data entry. Studies show that a human being makes at least one data entry mistake for every 250 keystrokes, while the computer has an error rate for every 36 trillion characters scanned.

Use barcode inventory in:

  • Placements: Maximize the use of a barcode by finding a common place you will include it in your product packaging or on your inventory shelving.
  • Standardization: Use only the barcode types that do well in your particular industry
  • Unity: Everyone should use the same barcode to avoid any conflicting inventory reports and data overlaps.

Barcode inventory helps to streamline your business operations. Let's find how you can create one easily.

How to make a personalized barcode

There are a few barcode generator apps you can use in your business. One of the most popular and easy to use is the Parallels Toolbox. The suite contains dozens of unique tools you can use to boost productivity and get everything done in one place.

Getting a barcode with Parallels Toolbox is very simple. It is a practical code 128 barcode generator, while you can also use it as a UPC barcode generator after finding your prefix from GS1 Global Registry.

To start using the barcode generator, you need to enter text or a URL, choose your barcode format, and the tool will seamlessly generate a barcode or a QR code image. You can then copy the barcode to the clipboard or save it as an image file for printing. Watch this video to see how.


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