How to Set an Alarm on a Mac:
The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever imagined a life without alarms? Alarms enable you to report to work on time, catch your flight, make it to church on time, and stop you from missing deadlines while reminding you of birthdays. They even remind you when to take medication. It is useful for everything, and living without it is close to impossible.

On Mac, you can set alarms for various activities such as meetings, tasks, events, and anything that would require an alert. There are some popular ways people use to set alarms on their Mac. Here we show all of them, plus another handy tool you would want to get right away. Let's dive in!

What are some ways to set an alarm on a Mac?

You can set an alarm on a Mac in the following ways:

Using the Apple calendar

The Apple calendar is the place you go for all things schedule-related. You can set your one-time alarm by using the steps below:

  1. Click Launchpad to open the next menu
  2. Click on the Calendar App
  3. Double-click on the date you wish to set an alarm
  4. Right-click on the time slot, then choose the New Event
  5. Enter the event name
  6. Click on the Date and Time Section
  7. Enter the alarm time
  8. Click on None to alert
  9. In the pop-up menu, choose Custom, then Message, and click on Message With Sound
  10. Choose the minutes you want the alarm to go off before the event and click OK.

The alarm you set on the Apple calendar will sync with your iPhone or iPad so that, even when away from the computer, you still get an alert.

Set an Alarm Using Siri

Users who have a Mac model with macOS Sierra or higher can use Siri to perform various tasks. Siri cannot set alarms because Mac doesn't have a clock app, but she can set reminders using the reminders app.

To use Siri, you must enable it first in your systems. Here is the procedure:

  1. Open system preferences
  2. Click on the Siri icon
  3. Check on the box written Enable Ask Siri
  4. On the pop-up menu, press the Enable button and close the window
  5. Click on the Siri icon on the menu bar
  6. Say aloud the reminder you want. For example: 'Remind me to call mom at 6 pm.'
  7. You can remove the reminder by saying, Delete, followed by the reminder title.

Apart from these two popular options, you can set an online alarm using Google or download a third-party alarm clock from the store. These processes tend to take a long time and can be complex. Here is the easiest method you can use.

How to set an alarm using Parallels Toolbox

Parallels Toolbox allows you to set alarms on Mac without hassle. With just one click, you can set an alarm to notify you at any time of the day.

Get your Parallels Toolbox by downloading it from the web and installing the features on your devices to start using this amazing tool. The process is as simple as follows:

  1. Download Parallels Toolbox from
  2. Open the downloaded image file and double-click on Install Parallels Toolbox
  3. Get the installed Parallels Toolbox from the applications folder and click the icon to open it. You will find numerous tools, including setting alarms.


Time is critical when it comes to business and any work. Keep your activities on track and set reminders to enable you to maximize your productivity. Parallels Toolbox is here to help you avoid making mistakes and make the most of your Mac. Start 7-day free trial today or buy it for Mac.