How to Take Video on a Computer:
The Ultimate Guide

Video recording is fast becoming an essential part of human lives. From recording tutorials to recording presentations when someone is remote working. The highest video qualities are only achievable with full-blown professional recording with lighting, good cameras, and trained technicians.

However, there are other ways to record a video without having a full stacked video studio at home. As long as you have a computer, you can record excellent and clear videos. Read on to learn how to take a video on a computer.

How to take videos on a computer

Using your computer, you can take videos without using sophisticated video equipment. For Windows 10 users, the built-in camera app is how you take videos on Windows 10. You can quickly get the camera app using the Cortana search tool in Windows.

When you want to record a video using the camera app in Windows 10, first, you will have to switch the camera to video mode. After launching the camera app, you can switch to video mode by clicking on the video button accessible from the right side of the camera app's interface. After launching the video mode, you will have to click on the video button again to start recording the video.

At the bottom of the video you are recording, the camera app will show you the time you have recorded the video through a built-in stopwatch.

Recording from the PC screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 also enables you to record your PC screen. While capturing screenshots in Windows 10 is a fairly straightforward affair, taking videos is relatively complicated. However, through their in-built capture tool called Game Bar, Microsoft has simplified the entire process of taking a video in Windows 10.

The purpose of the Game Bar is to record games played on the PC, but you can use it to take videos from web browsers or any other application. Using the Game Bar on Windows 10 will require given specifications and the right graphic card. However, if your PC does not meet the system requirements to run the Game Bar, you can get around it by using the screen record options and still capture videos.

How to take video in Mac

On Mac, all MacBooks and iMac come with a built-in webcam. Mac minis and Mac Pro need an external webcam to record videos. The webcams are how to take a video on Mac.

Once you have confirmed that the webcams are available, you can begin taking pristine videos on your Mac. The Photo Booth app that comes already installed in all Macs facilitates how you take videos of yourself and anything else on Mac.

Once you launch the Photo Booth app, you will first see a preview of what the webcam is focused on. At this point, the webcam is not recording yet, and you will have to switch to video recording mode to start taking a video. On the lower-left of the app's interface is a video icon that you use to start a video recording session.

Photo Booth enables you to see the time taken when recording, but it limits how long you can record based on the storage space available on the designated storage device.

How to take a video using Parallels Toolbox

Parallels Toolbox is third-party software that enables you to take video on Mac or Windows. It gives you a lot of options as far as video recording is concerned. Parallels Toolbox has features that enable it also to record your screen.

When you want to take a video using the Parallels Toolbox, after launching the tool, you can switch to video mode and perform all the functions you need using corresponding functions found on the upper right side of the tool's interface.


If you want to record a simple video without many details in terms of color adjustments and others, you can count on built-in apps in both Windows 10 and Mac to get the job done. However, if you want to record high-quality videos that are detailed and refined using your computer, then using a third-party tool like Parallels Toolbox gives you the best chance.