How to Take a Photo on a Computer:
The Ultimate Guide

Photography is fast becoming a regular part of a daily routine. People love keeping memories of the places they visit, get-togethers, loved ones, and special moments. The best way to keep such memories is to have them in a photo.

While professional photography calls for sophisticated DSLR cameras or high-end phones, you can snap quality pictures if you have a computer. If you are wondering how, here is the ultimate guide.

How to take photos using a computer

The advances in digital photography have not only impacted the digital camera and the mobile phone industries. Most personal computers have also benefited from the technology, with computers being fitted with powerful webcams. With the integrated webcam, it is simple to take a photograph with your computer. All major operating systems have provisions for taking photos on computers. Let's learn how to take a photo on a Mac, and Windows 10, then learn about using third-party tools to take pictures.

How to take photos using built-in Windows tool

Windows has a built-in camera tool, mostly called a webcam that enables you to take a photo on Windows 10. This tool gives you how to take a photo on a Windows 10 laptop. Many computers and laptops come with their webcam, but if a laptop lacks an in-built one, you can buy an external webcam and plug it in on the USB ports.

Once you have located the camera app (you can use the Cortana search button) and launched it, you will instantly see the scope the webcam can capture. You can adjust the position of the computer or the webcam if you are using an external one, then tap on the camera button. That is how to take a photo with Windows.

How to take photos using built-in Mac tool

Most Mac computers are equipped with a built-in HD camera, mostly called the FaceTime camera, which can be found at the top of the screen close to the edge enabling you to take photo on Mac. When you launch apps such as photo booth or FaceTime, the camera instantly turns on.

When you want to take digital pictures on Mac, launching the Photo Booth app turns the camera on, indicated by a small green light next to the camera. If you want to add special effects to the picture, there is a corresponding function button within the Photo Booth application's interface that enables you to scroll and preview all the effects before taking the picture.

Once you are satisfied with the position of the subject and the effect you want to put in, you can take the photo by clicking the camera button, red in color. The effect you select stays once you click the capture button. That is how to take a photo on Mac

Using third-party tools to take photos on a computer

The Parallels Toolbox is a versatile tool that gives you an alternative way to take clear and HD photos on a laptop. It gives you many options to take and edit pictures using only your computer. If you want pictures with a professional look and classy effects and edits, the Parallels Toolbox is the best bet. It is a simple process taking pictures with Parallels Toolbox:

  1. Click the Parallels Toolbox icon from the Windows tray
  2. Click 'Camera'
  3. Take the photo

Parallels Toolbox also has an instant photo mode meant to take pictures immediately without showing a preview. To set it to this mode:

  1. Open 'Take Photo'
  2. Select 'Instant Photo'


If you want to take quick and simple pictures using your computer, then using the built-in photography apps gives you a chance. However, if you want to use your computer to take HD pictures that could meet pro standards, a third-party tool like Parallels Toolbox is an option worth exploring. Try it and see a transformation in your computer photography