How to Make a GIF on Mac:
The Ultimate Guide

GIFs are a fun, creative way of communication as they combine images and text to convey complex emotions. These short, looping images are fantastic when words alone don't do the magic. A GIF conveys the exact emotion you're feeling at that particular moment more precisely than words can.

Popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have enabled users to send GIFs by integrating simple ways to search and send them. But how do you make a GIF on Mac? Don't you wish you knew how to create these fun videos? Don't worry.

This blog will cover what a GIF is and provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how you can create a GIF on your Mac.

What is a GIF?

Before making a GIF on Mac, it is essential to understand what a GIF is. GIFs are short, looping video clips that typically consist of exciting and emotion-evoking scenes and images presented in quick succession.

GIF is an acronym that stands for Graphics Interchange Format. These animated videos can also include text and audio for further enhancement. GIFs were designed as a lightweight and universal way to send pictures but were replaced by PNGs.

They are frequently used on websites, unlike videos, because they don't need a plug-in or a video player to work. A GIF file usually has the ".GIF" or "image/GIF" extension.

How to make a GIF on Mac

There are different ways you can create a GIF file on your Mac. One of the easiest ways is by using a GIPHY Capture tool. It is a free desktop app you can use to capture anything happening on your screen and turn it into a GIF file. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Download GIPHY Capture from App Store and install it on your Mac.
  2. After opening the GIPHY Capture app, open the video or browser you want to make a GIF out of. Adjust the GIPHY Capture's size frame to fit the video you want to record.
  3. After setting up the frame, record a clip by pressing the red circle for 30 seconds maximum.
  4. Edit the length of your clip between 2-6 seconds if you want to share the GIF through messaging apps or the web. Tutorial GIFs require longer lengths of more than 6 seconds.
  5. Choose your desired pixel size, loop type, and frame rate. Leaving the standard preset options is recommended as changing them affects the file size and quality of your GIF. If you like, you can add a caption using the Captions tab. You can also set the duration of the caption to make the GIF more lively.
  6. If you have a GIPHY account, you can upload the GIF file directly or save it locally to your Mac as a .mp4 or a .GIF file.

Bingo! You have successfully created your first GIF on your Mac. Follow these simple steps to make some more GIFs and share them with your friends.

How to make a GIF using Parallels Toolbox

Creating a GIF with Parallels Toolbox is another easy way to make a GIF file on Mac. It allows you to easily create and customize animated GIFs from videos with the click of a button. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Download Parallels Toolbox from the official websiteand install it on your Mac
  2. Launch Parallels Toolbox on your Mac. From the pop-up window, select "Video," then click on "Make GIF"
  3. A small window appears. It gives you the option of dropping or opening a video file to make a GIF
  4. Drag and drop a video into the window and click on "Make GIF." Within a few seconds, you will have your GIF file created
  5. Save your GIF file on your desktop and share it with friends


Creating a GIF file on Mac has never been simpler. You can now easily create GIFs using GIPHY Capture or Parallels Toolbox. GIFs are an exciting new way to express yourself and your ideas. Now, with the GIF maker Mac app tutorials, GIF making is easy and fun! Download a free trial of Parallels Toolbox and create funny and hilarious GIFs to compliment your text messages.