Airplane Mode on Mac:
How to Use Airplane Mode

There are certain situations, such as flying on a plane, where the radio signals on your device need to be shut off. In a case such as this, you will need to enable Airplane Mode on your device.

What is airplane mode?

Airplane mode refers to you turning off all wireless radios on your laptop before boarding an aircraft. It is a legal requirement to set your device to Airplane Mode so it does not interfere with the plane. The plane uses many radio signals to help it get where it needs to go, so it is essential that your device is not interfering with it. So, make sure your laptop has the ability to enter Airplane Mode before you book your next flight.

Other things Airplane Mode does include:

  1. It prevents your phone from sending or receiving text messages or calls. This happens because your phone can't connect to cell towers while on Airplane Mode.
  2. It disconnects you from Wi-Fi. You won't even be able to search for local Wi-Fi networks.
  3. It turns off Bluetooth.
  4. It could disable your device's GPS functions.
  5. It helps prolong your battery life.

How to use airplane mode on macOS

On macOS, there are two different ways you can set your device to Airplane Mode. Unfortunately, there is not just an Airplane Mode option, so you have to employ a workaround. This entails turning off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Here are the two ways to do this on Mac.

Option One: The Menu Bar

  1. Click on the Wi-Fi symbol on the right side of your menu bar.
  2. Select "Turn Wi-Fi off."
  3. Click on the Bluetooth symbol on the right side of your menu bar.
  4. Select "Turn Bluetooth off."

Option Two: System Preferences

  1. Click on the Apple symbol on the left side of your menu bar and select System Preferences. You can also access System Preferences via its icon on the Dock.
  2. Once the System Preferences window has opened, click Network.
  3. Click on "Turn Wi-Fi off." It's next to Status.
  4. Click on the back button, and then select Bluetooth.
  5. Select the button that says "Turn Bluetooth off."

How to use airplane mode using Parallels Toolbox

Both of those ways are a little cumbersome to get Airplane Mode enabled. So instead, consider using Parallels Toolbox for your Mac. This useful program has every computer tool you could possibly need. Follow these steps to learn how to use Parallels Toolbox to enable Airplane Mode on your device.

  1. Open the Parallels Toolbox program.
  2. Many different tools will pop up, and you need to select Airplane Mode.
  3. A window will pop up asking if you are sure you want to enable Airplane Mode. Click Enable.
  4. If you want to turn Airplane Mode off, go back into the Parallels Toolbox and click on Airplane Mode again. This will shut it off.

It's a great idea to invest in Parallels Toolbox due to its large variety of tools. Some tools you can find are Date Countdown, Energy Saver, and Record Audio. Those are just a brief glimpse into the many tools Parallels Toolbox offers.


Airplane Mode refers to you turning off all radio signals coming from your device. This is a requirement on planes and can also prolong your device's battery life. Unfortunately, Mac laptops do not have a simple way to turn on Airplane Mode. Instead, you have to go into your computer and manually turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Instead, try out Parallels Toolbox. It is a program that has a huge host of tools that you regularly need on your computer. It keeps all the tools together in one place, so it makes it simple to find what you need. One of these easy-to-find tools is Airplane Mode. All you have to do is select Airplane Mode, hit enable, and then you are good to go.