Are you looking for thin clients for your desktop virtualization project? 10ZiG’s most popular thin clients, the V-Series line, provide the 2X VirtualDesktopServer client pre-installed. The V-Series thin clients are optimized for a desktop virtualization environment and offer a complete desktop experience. 2X VirtualDesktopServer, paired with 10ZiG Thin clients, helps companies experience the full benefits of desktop and application virtualization by improving desktop manageability, security, accessibility, energy efficiency and performance. With the newly-released Version 8.1, companies can enjoy all of the new features from our Version 8 release, as well as access RDP 7 enhancements such as improved multimedia redirection, real multi-monitor support and bi-directional audio.

2X products provide us with affordable, efficient solutions for our hardware customers with great company support, providing attractive complements to our thin client devices. As both companies target a similar user base, working with 2X has provided a win-win for both parties in expanding our reach to virtual computing customers of all sizes.

10ZiG’s V-Series Thin Clients start at $185 and offer free management software, a wide-range of hardware options and the best warranty in the industry – 3-year advance exchange.

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