DALLAS, TX, July 17th, 2013 — 2X Software, a global leader in virtual desktop and application delivery solutions, is pleased to announce that an updated version of 2X Remote Application Server has been released. The 10.6 release is a major service pack update which provides stability for all users on version 10. It will be the last available update until 2X Remote Application Server version 11 is released later this year. The aim of this update is to provide a fully functional product for version 10 users, while creating a clear and simple migration path to version 11.

In version 10.6, 2X Software focused their attention on overall performance, stability and security. This was achieved through improvements to filtering and policies, gateway connection optimization and an expanded authentication system. Likewise, various enhancements were made to the UI, leading to a superior user experience. Please visit the 2X Download Page for more information, including installation instructions specific to your infrastructure.

About 2X Remote Application Server

2X Remote Application Server allows the delivery of virtual desktops and applications from a central location, providing continuous availability, resource-based load balancing and complete end-to-end network transparency for administrators. This enables vendor independent virtual desktops & application delivery to users on any device, accessible from anywhere. The results are significant savings on administration and support.

2X Remote Application Server  (2X Applicationserver Version 10.6) Features

  • Delivers virtual desktops & applications to any mobile & desktop device
  • Cloud-enables virtual desktops & applications through 2X Cloud Portal
  • Supports all major hypervisors from Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and more
  • Integrates powerful universal printing & scanning functionality
  • Supports thin clients (HP, Wyse, 10ZiG) & the device-independent 2XOS
  • High-capacity, resource-based load balancing and management features

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Download 2X Remote Application Server (2X Applicationserver Version 10.6)

About 2X Software

2X Software is a global leader in virtual desktop and application delivery, remote access and cloud computing solutions. Thousands of enterprises worldwide trust in the reliability and scalability of 2X products. 2X offers a range of solutions to make every company’s shift to cloud computing simple and affordable.

For additional information, visit www.2x.com or contact Charlie Williams by email cw@2x.com, phone +356 2258 3800.

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