2X Software recently announced the ability of 2X customers to purchase Gold Support technical support packages. Each Gold Support purchase is good for 12 months from the date of purchase, and offers administrators a two-hour guaranteed response for technical support requests. Customers can rest assured that when submitting requests, their concerns will be addressed quickly by senior 2X technical support staff members during normal business hours, in both our US and overseas offices (for overnight support).

The product has received significant demand so far, especally from customers with large server farm installations, to offer them the priority support they need to ensure maximum uptime. Included in the purchase price is a free seat at an on-site training session at a local 2X office*, to allow your administrator to become a certified 2Xpert, 2X Software’s expert designation.

2X Gold Support provides a powerful insurance policy to protect your investment in 2X technology. To order, please contact a 2X reseller, order online at www.2x.com/order, or email sales.us@2x.com for a quote. Gain peace of mind from ordering 2X Gold Support today!

*Does not include transportation, lodging for training

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