What is 2X SecureRemoteDesktop?

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The increasing use of smart phones and mobile devices, along with the implementation of BYOD policies in corporate environments, has enabled businesses to leverage resources and increase productivity levels. At the same time, it poses greater security challenges. With hackers targeting open ports on remote desktop protocol connections, IT administrators face a tough challenge in securing RDP endpoints, while not compromising the efficiency of remote networks. The same can be said for SOHO (small office / home office) users, who in fact, may be even more vulnerable to a brute force attack on their private data. This is where 2X SecureRemoteDesktop can help. This powerful application from 2X Software tunnels SSL connectivity with 2nd level authentication to provide highly secure RDP networks for businesses of all sizes.

2X SecureRemoteDesktop is an improved, enhanced version of the retired 2X SecureRDP. By creating a highly secure tunnel, 2X SecureRemoteDesktop proactively protects your RDP networks from middle-man attacks, IP spoofing and hacking attempts to ensure data security and integrity. In addition to tunneling data traveling between remote networks, this powerful security tool monitors activities on your system and alerts you when someone tries to connect to your system. While your data is protected, you also get full control over your machine. The client-side agent is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. The server-side is available on Windows Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate.

How does it work?

As you may already know, RDP or remote desktop protocol is a proprietary tool from Microsoft that allows you to remotely access another system in the network. By default, RDP server communicates on port 3389. To hack RDP networks, hackers use IP scanner software to scan available open ports in the network. Once they identify an open port, they use brute force attacks to acquire a remote connection. After successfully creating a connection, hackers can steal your private data and commit identity fraud.

2X SecureRemoteDesktop augments Windows standard remote access products with an additional security layer to provide the highest level of security. At the same time, it offers the flexibility to fully control the RDP mechanism. Using a onetime password (OTP) that changes with each login instance, 2X SecureRemoteDesktop adds a secondary level of authentication to deter cyber attacks. With the flexibility offered by the application, you can allow or block certain users from remotely accessing a system in your network. By creating a list of devices that can access private data on the network, you can specify who can access data and even set privileges for users. Essentially, you have total control over a remote connection.

Although you can filter users based on preset policies, there are instances where a hacker can attempt to connect to your device without authorization. 2X SecureRemoteDesktop proactively guards your system from such network intrusions and warns you when an unauthorized user attempts to get a remote connection. Middle-man attacks have become a big concern for remote access networks. To effectively prevent such attacks, 2X SecureRemoteDesktop creates a secure gateway and processes data inside a secure tunnel denying intercept attacks. It simply extends your private network on public networks as well.

2X SecureRemoteDesktop protects your RDP networks from known and unknown threats. This is the only product that can proactively guard your system from remote attacks, offer an east-to-use interface to monitor activity logs, and tunnel data for a private remote computing experience.

Download 2X SecureRemoteDesktop today to secure your remote desktop connection and prevent identity thieves from accessing your personal data!

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